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Coming in NOV 2014

New Zealand’s ONLY travel Guide Book devoted to the needs of the free and independent organic and eco-traveller.
The ONLY travel guide in NZ to list organic food, eco-accommodation and environmental tourism in one place.

Feedback on the 3rd ed Book:

It's brilliant! I have only just started reading it, but I think it's inspiring -- it encapsulates a vision for the kind of New Zealand I'd like to see more of! In fact, it makes me want to get away and start exploring now -- especially after the Christchurch earthquakes!
David Killick
Great introduction to Organic NZ
This book is great. It's chatty, interesting and very easy to use. I got this book out the library but it's one I'd definitely buy for personal use or as a gift.

Pre-Order Best of Organic Explorer (5th Edition)

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