Telephone and Internet

Main Providers

There are an increasing number of competing telephone companies operating in New Zealand for the domestic land-line service. Check out Consumer NZ to find out which provider and which pricing plan is best for you. (Consumer NZ is an independent, non-profit organisation established in 1959 with the sole aim of getting New Zealand consumers a fairer deal.)  This is a free service:


Internet Cafes

A search on NZ yellow pages ( reveals a list of 134 locations for internet cafe services around NZ. So if you bring your laptop – or not, there are options for both fixed or wireless internet access.


Domestic and Local Calls

To check out call plans, pay phones and calling card rates go here:

Toll (Long Distance) New Zealand Calls

To call long-distance you must first dial the area code, followed by the number. The following are the area codes for the main centres:

If you are not calling long-distance (ie. within the same local calling area), then you do not need to include the area code (and you will be charged the Local cost above).. Calling outside the immediate locality but still inside the region, you must include the area code. A recorded telephone message will normally prompt you if you make a mistake. All numbers associated with listings in this website contain the relevant area codes.


International Calls

For international calling codes look here: