Carbon Calculator for Travel and Tourism

We've put in a link to the The carboNZero travel & tourism calculator. (see below)

The carboNZero programme is an internationally recognised provider of tools and resources to measure, manage and mitigate your greenhouse gas emissions with credibility and integrity.


The carboNZero Travel and Tourism Calculator

The travel & tourism calculator allows travellers to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for their domestic and overseas travel, and/or New Zealand-specific accommodation and recreational activities.

The carboNZero programme measures all greenhouse gas emissions and converts them to carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2-e). Although most of the emissions measured for your travel, accomodation and activities are carbon dioxide (CO2), your results from the travel & tourism calculator include other relevant greenhouse gases.

Follow the link below to go the carboNZero tourism calculator:



A New Carbon credit programme - EKOS

Now you can offset your carbon emissions by protecting mature New Zealand rainforest through Ekos – a charity dedicated to rainforest protection. Buy NZ’s first and only carbon credits from the protection of tall indigenous forest. Easily offset any flight’s emissions with Conscious Flyer, or become a Carbon Light, Carbon Neutral or Carbon Positive family or business. 100% transparent pricing: $15.49 / tCO2e from projects you can visit and landowners you can meet. Your participation protects 738 hectares of Maori-owned rainforest in Southland under a 50-year renewable covenant. Please visit: www.ekos.org.nz for more details.