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New Zealand Coastal Fisheries and Tourism

Wade Doak: Islands of Survival hold key to saving seas
In this article Wade proposes a new approach to to coastal management, where tourism plays a key role in managing our fisheries ...

tarwhirinui_2.jpgConservation: Extinction Wave or Healing Tide?

By Dr Geoff Park
New Zealand’s well known author, ecologist and research scientist Geoff Park reflects on environmental pressures and changes in the environment to the year 2020. He points to some key strategies that are needed to resolve the problems that we face.

avocado_2.jpgGet Primitive - Go Organic: Here are the Reasons Why

By Raw Foods Guru, Author and TV Personality Leslie Kenton
A lot has happened to our foods in the last century to produce the widespread degenerative diseases that plague our planet now. First, they are grown differently than our ancestors, who for thousands of years, grew theirs.


Farmers_Market_Produce_New_Zealand_1.jpgFarmers’ Markets - Fresh Food and Local Economies

By Ian Thomas
The growth in number of Farmers’ Markets in New Zealand over the last five years has been dramatic, approximately doubling in number from 20 in 2003. Why here and now?

fairtrade_2.jpgYour Lifesaving Cuppa: What is Fair Trade?

By Pip Norvell
Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.

Marlborough_Sounds_Weka_1.jpgHOW A 1080 POISON AERIAL DROP inspired a positive environmental change.

By Penny Jones
In 1995 in their continuing bid to rid New Zealand of its possum pests, the Department of Conservation (DoC) dropped 1080 poison over a targeted area in the Marlborough Sounds.

Carbon Footprint and Travel

Carbon - Green Basics
Read articles from elsewhere on the web about travel, carbon emissions, green basics....

The Money Has Teeth: Carbon Credits Explained

By Adelia Hallett
It seems like everyone is talking carbon footprints, emissions-trading and carbon off-setting. Everything from booking an airline ticket to buying a bottle of wine can involve the slightly confusing prospect of going carbon-neutral.

Lake_Wanaka_seen_from_the_air_1.jpgPanadol for Guilt: The Industry of Hedonism and the Organic Explorer

By Allan Baddock
How do we reconcile the human thirst for exploration in an age in which the cost of exploring threatens our very survival?

Reflections of a Maori Chef

By Charles Pipi Tukukino Royal
I take them out into the bush and talk about all of the different plants and ferns that are out there: the edible and non-edible varieties, what they were used for, what their health benefits are, and then I talk about the food concept.

Rainbow Springs Kea 1 1New Zealand Bird Sanctuaries

By Tourism NZ
Diverse and prolific birdlife is a unique feature of New Zealand’s coastal, forest and alpine environments - even in the major cities where bird song frequently interrupts the urban buzz.


Serensin-Organic-Wine-Producer-Organic-ExplorerOrganic Wine Producers of New Zealand

By Rebecca Reider

"In 1984 they thought we were crazy. We’ve just spent the last 28 years proving to everyone that they were right. We are crazy. But now it seems everyone wants to be crazy too, and it’s just what this planet needs.”