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Waimarama Maori Tours

Waimarama Maori Tours
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We are a Maori owned and operated business.  We offer an intimate, personal and spiritual way to discover the ways of our Māori people. Share our culture on one of our tours.

A Day in the Life of a Maori Elder - A distinctive bespoke private 6-hour Hawke's Bay Maori Tour. 

Available at any time that suits you.

This very special tour gives you unfettered access to the world of Maori rarely seen by outsiders. Spend the day with one of our elders as they share with you their rich Maori heritage and their personal insights with a touch of humour and grace.

Take a walk with him on the ancestral sacred lands of Hakikino where our people loved, fought and died over 700-years ago. Visit the native plant nursery where today the family strive to restore, conserve and protect remnant bush areas. Understand the unique challenges of combining all of this in a contemporary and viable farming business and see for yourself why he is so proud of their South Devon cattle. 

Enjoy a visit with our family at our Marae reservation where we too will share with you the rich stories and legends that surround the area of Waimarama. 

Our elders have such an interesting and varied life and enjoy meeting people and sharing a meal together along with other members of our family at our family home; built almost 120-years ago.

The tour is informal, relaxed and provides you with an insider's perspective on being Maori as our elders relate historical and contemporary Maori culture from a unique and personal point of view. 

This 6-hour tour includes a light lunch. 

Walk with the Ancestors - A private 2-hour Hawke's Bay Maori tour. 

Available at any time that suits you.

We start our tour where our story begins: on the shores of Waimarama beach where the great migration canoe Takitimu was dragged ashore to make repairs over 700-years ago. See for yourself why they stayed on and established the great fortress of Hakikino, deep in the surrounding hills. 

From the coast, we visit the remnant of Hakikino. As you walk the pathways and experience the remaining pockets of native plants, native forests and wetland areas you will gain insight as to how these ancient people lived here and appreciate why this fortress settlement would dominate this coastline for over 300-years.

The preservation of this culturally important and archaeologically significant site is a fascinating mix of old-world wisdom and new world innovations. Embracing all that is available today, a native plant nursery was established and the Hakikino Conservation Reserve was created. 

The mix of old and new is highlighted once again as we return to the coast almost to where things began. We will visit the present day Marae reservation where the cultural heartbeat of the people still beats strongly today. 

Let one of our family share with you these sacred sites: the bush folklore, the culture and the language. All of which continue to shape the hopes and aspirations of the people today. 

This tour provides you with an insider's perspective on being Maori and relates historical and contemporary Maori culture from a unique and personal point of view. A friendly and relaxed encounter.

Te Mata Peak and Pou Tour - A private 2-hour Hawke's Bay Maori tour. 

Available at any time that suits you. 

Visit the Celestial Compass and learn how our ancestors journeyed from one-side of the world to the other using ancient navigational tools. If you are an early riser, this is such a great place to see the sun-rise. Leaving the ancient navigational tools, we will make our way atop of the lofty Te Mata Peak in Havelock North: where you will enjoy the panoramic views across the plains to the summits of the five pillars that hold up the heavens. 

Let a descendant of the legendary Te Mata after whom the peak is named, provide their insider's perspective to our local Maori People and relate stories of historical and contemporary Maori culture to provide you with their unique and personal point of view.

We love to share ourselves and our home and we hope you will come away with an understanding for our people, while at the same time letting us learn about your people. Our award-winning private and small group tours will touch your heart and open your mind.

To see more about our tours please visit our website www.waimaramamaori.co.nz


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Just in response to the earlier question about any connection to Nelson?
Waimarama Maori Tours at Hakakino (Waimarama) and at Te Mata is close to Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, and not to be confused with Havelock in the South Island, which is out of Nelson.
This tour is just great you will love the guides and their tours.
Posted by Paddy Maloney on 2013-12-19 08:33:17
Kia ora Waimarama Maori Tours,
I've been to Waimarama and this unique Pa site at Te Hakakino. What I'm trying to associate here is the link to Nelson. Is there a link?? If not then your tourist will not find Te Hakakino in Nelson. Arohamai whanau.

Posted by Joe McLeod on 2009-11-02 09:57:09