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Message from Tourism NZ

Organic Explorer has carved out a name for itself as a comprehensive resource for travellers seeking eco-friendly experiences in New Zealand. Through its website and travel guides, it has provided travellers with an abundance of information about everything from organic cafe's and eco-lodges to nature tourism and Maori cultural experiences.

But Organic Explorer’s efforts have gone further than just informing travellers about the variety of eco-friendly experiences available in New Zealand. It has also helped raise international awareness of New Zealand as a visitor destination.

Eco-tourism experiences feature on many international visitors’ holiday plans and that will only increase Organic Explorer’s relevance to visitors and local eco-tourism businesses.

Kevin Bowler
Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive

What People Say

"Just letting you know that we now have our own website soulfoodwanaka.co.nz and to also say that I really value being part of your website, it definitely has increased our profile...thank you."

"I have been using OE every single time, when travelling throughout New Zealand. OE fills a niche in the tourism market and does it perfectly by offering high quality and healthy alternatives to organic-minded persons. Thank you very much for your commitment and great work. I hope to see more of OEs in other countries in the future!"
Thierry Boyer
“One of the best investments of the year! It is such a pleasure to get away from the Mrs. Mac’s and Burger Kings and experience the best of NZ.”
Steven Bennett - Peace Pillows NZ

“CONGRATULATIONS on the beautiful book. May it go forth into the world to help transform many people’s lives.”
Leslie Kenton - Author “Raw Energy”

“I have just received a copy of the new book. It is truly spectacular.”
Anne Maloney - Waimarama Maori Tourism


connects conservation, community and conscious travel choices.

EcoTourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas. Encourages environmental & cultural understanding.
Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki

Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki

Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki New Zealand

Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki sits beside the Moeraki River, surrounded by towering rainforest near the pristine Tasman seacoast.


Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

Trounson Park Road Dargaville New Zealand

Imagine a jungle-like forest where no one has walked through in the last forty years. Be the first person in a generation to venture into the unknown!


Soul Centre of the Body and Mind

Soul Centre of the Body and Mind

18 Huia Road Auckland New Zealand

Working with a creative focus we combine creative practice with wellbeing, healing and being. Integrating body, mind and spirit.